Littleton Colorado Housing Market Report January 2022

Littleton Housing Market update

Housing market update 2022. Today, I wanted to give you an update on the Littleton Colorado Housing market as of January 2022. And currently at the time of this video, we have 153 pending home sales in Littleton with 42 active at this time. Whereas last year, the pending home sales were pretty close at 141, but the number of actives were at 89.

So we almost had double the inventory last year at this time. That just shows you the lack of inventory that is out there right now. So if you’re currently thinking of selling your home, you’re definitely in a great position because you’d still be the only show in town at this time. So with less competition, that definitely helps you out as a seller.

Now let’s just take a look at what the major companies are saying about mortgage rate projections going into 2022. If you look here in the first quarter of 2022, they point to us being right around a 3.3% range on average. Whereas in the second quarter, we bump up to 3.45%. And in the third quarter, 3.55%. And then the fourth quarter of 2022, they’re predicting us to be up around 3.7.

So again, if you’re thinking of selling your home right now, couldn’t be a better time because the lower interest rates give buyers more power to purchase. And buyers, if you’re still thinking of buying, the rates are still extremely low and your buying power is more, as opposed to if you wait till the end of the year, that could shrink your buying power.

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