Sell My Littleton Home to Zillow?

Should you sell your home to Zillow, Opendoor, Redfin or any other ibuyer? How do these offers work?

Thinking of selling your Littleton home to Zillow?  Zillow, Opendoor, and other big online companies or iBuyers are entering the real estate market and are doing what I’ve been doing for over 20 years.  If you’re thinking of selling your Littleton home to Zillow and are checking out what your Zestimate is to get a fast cash offer or you just don’t want to do any showings at all, hold on for a quick second. Do you realize these large companies such as Zillow, will also charging six to 13% of the purchase price they offer you, plus they’ll deduct the money needed to do any work to your home after that? If you decide to sell your home to Zillow or these other big online companies, you’ll be leaving thousands of dollars on the table. As a local Littleton real estate agent and a real estate investor, I can personally meet with you, discuss your options, and give you a cash offer on your home and close and as little as seven days or I’ll give you options to list your home on the open market. Either way, I will give you a full detailed analysis of what your best options are. And if you read any of my reviews, you will see that the client always comes first, and you can assure I will get you the most money in your pocket and doing so in the quickest manner possible to accommodate your situation. So if you’ve contacted one of these companies to sell your home, or you’re thinking of contacting them, feel free to reach out to me today and I will personally give you a free no cost, no-pressure consultation on what your best options are. I’m David Novak with RE/MAX Professionals, and I hope you have a great day.

If you are thinking of selling your Littleton Home to Zillow, Opendoor or any other I-buyer or large company for convenience of not doing showings or needing cash fast, and A QUICK CLOSING,PLEASE reach out to me before or after you get your proposals.  

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Thinking of selling your home to Zillow? Give me a call before you make your final decision. David Novak 303-929-9660
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