Good biking and hiking trails in the Littleton Colorado Area?| Deer Creek Canyon Park

Good biking and hiking trails in the Littleton Colorado Area?| Deer Creek Canyon Park
Good biking and hiking trails in the Littleton Colorado Area?| Deer Creek Canyon Park

Are you looking for good biking and hiking trails in the Littleton area? Anyway, I’ve been highlighting areas of Littleton, Colorado, especially those of you that are looking to buy a home in the Littleton Colorado area, and you’re wondering what there is to do around here, especially if you’re coming from out of state. Well, I’m at one of those places, and it happens to be a very popular spot and it’s one of my favorite places, Deer Creek Canyon Park in Littleton Colorado. As you

You can hike and mountain bike at Deer Creek Canyon Park. For those of you that love to mountain bike, It’s one of my favorite along the front range. It’s about a mile ride up some treacherous rock and washouts and an uphill climb just right off the bat. When you get up about a mile, you hit what is named “the Wall”, and it’s a pretty treacherous climb up that. Through the years, it’s changed due to the erosion and all the weather and stuff, but I’ve seen people ride up that thing and a lot of come down on it and it’s just quite a challenge.

Anyway, once you get above that, you have two awesome loops, the Plymouth Mountain Trail, or the Red Mesa Loop. If you come out here, just take both trails. They won’t take you much time. Its probably around a six-mile loop by the time you do both and get back down. It feels longer with the elevation changes, but you just see the back country and you’ll get a great shot of Denver. You’ll have Chatfield Reservoir. You’ll even see the FAMOUS red rocks.

You’ll see everything that the front range has to offer once you get to the top of those loops. You might even run into a bear. I have run into bear up there, but as long as you do your part and just stay away, you’re always fine.

I suggest if you are coming out here to ride your mountain bike that you get here early in the morning and during the week, if you could. You can both hike in bike the trail. So, we have to share the trail and share nice. It’s just a great ride for everybody and a great hike for everybody, but it does get congested. So, just a little warning there for everyone.

Hopefully this was beneficial for you guys, especially if you’re thinking of buying a house in Littleton Colorado. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, Like me on Facebook as well.

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