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Sewer line replacement cost| Reasons to get a sewer line inspection

A Sewer scope at home inspection, is a must if you are buying a home. I normally do this on the homes that I buy to fix up and resell. I also have all my buyers do this, and they fully understand this because I pretty much forced them to do it. Forces them, yeah. He knows. A sewer scope, out of all the inspections that I see done, in my opinion, is one of almost the top things a person should do, because there are all kinds of mysteries underneath this soil here. Many of my buyers out there know this company, Dwayne with Mainline Services, because we use them on every deal. I recommend them to everybody.

Well, there’s a lot of realtors out there and one thing they don’t want you to know is the sewer line and the condition. But Dave’s not like that, he’s there to protect you. It’s not just the force. He’s kind of there to not only help you get through the process which we have right here but also become a winner. You know, it’s all about negotiation. The sewer line or the waste lateral line is more expensive right now than even the roof, and like he said, it’s mysterious, it’s underground.

A couple of things that drive this industry is it’s corrupt, it frankly is corrupt. You’ve got the cleaner calling the camera guy, the camera guy calling for an excavation. They all make a percentage of the sales on there, and they’re driven to do that, to keep their jobs. That’s one aspect.

The other aspect is that you need to know if your plumbing line is to code. Code is like one inch in every four feet. We go by International Plumbing Code. We don’t go by opinion. A lot of times in negotiation, the realtor will say, “What’s your opinion?” Well, you don’t build a house on opinion, now do you?

So what we do with Mainline Services is we go by International Plumbing Code, we’ll inspect your house, not only in old, medium, but new builds even moreso. We do a four point inspection, we check the internal, the slab-on-grade, we go to the foundation to see how the house has settled and see how it affects it, any guttering run-off can lead to negative sloping and breakage at your foundation, foundation damage from $3,000 to $100,000 with helical piers, then we go out to the main line, and finally the city tap. Here’s something that’s even more unusual. Because of our technology, we actually have drones in the city sewer. And no, they’re not flying drones, they’re tank drones, so they have tanks.

Denver runs about 15 to 20 of them, they’re independent contractors, and they’re looking at the tap connection to see if you’re code compliant. We’re the only company in all the state, that I know of, that knows what these drones are looking for and what the city’s looking for. So it’s very important to get a sewer inspection now, during the negotiation, to give Dave everything he needs to negotiate for you properly, so you’re not stuck with something now or something you can’t resell later. Thanks, Dewayne. And yeah, to add here, quick, he’s got to go, but if you’re watching this and you’ve owned a home for a while, and then you’ve never had it done, I think that they probably should get a scope done, don’t you? It’s the last thing you think about, and the first thing you’ll worry about. If you get a backup and then you get a predator company coming in, the average mitigation cost is up to $15,000, between $8,000 and $15,000. And these guys are coming in with cameras and they there’s no money in the camera, it’s all in excavation. You need someone who’s a total neutral, a real inspector to go in there, to protect you now and again later. Yes. I’m Mainline Services, 303-596-5803. If you want to pick my brain, I’ve got two cells left and I’ll give you one.

Thanks again, Dewayne. And everybody watching this, you know if you’re working with a realtor and you’re buying a home, whether it’s with me, hopefully it’s with me. Jazz hands. Or somebody else. He’s the man. Make sure that you do that. Cheap insurance, the cheapest insurance you can do. We got your back. Yep. Thanks again, Dewayne. Not a problem. Okay. Thank you. Have a good day.

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