Should You Use A Realtor for buying New Construction in Colorado?

Should you use a realtor for buying new construction in Colorado? Well, buying a new construction home in Colorado, you can actually get a real estate agent to help you along the way. Now I know it can be confusing, because you go into the office and the sales agents are answering all your questions. They’re giving you all the info. They are giving you all the pricing. So yes, you may feel like it’s okay to go ahead and continue on with them, but just remember that sales agent represents the builder and not you. So if you’re not getting an experienced real estate agent to help you buy new construction in Colorado, because you think you’ll save money?

Should you use a real estate agent  for new construction in Colorado?
Should you use a realtor to buy new construction in Colorado?

Well, think again, the fees are already incorporated into the price of the home. So really you’re not going to get any savings on that side of it. And the builder isn’t going to reduce the price because you went directly to them, because they could sabotage the neighborhood as far as the pricing goes. So you need somebody to represent you and your interest on your side. And that’s where an experienced real estate agent will come in and they’ll help you understand all the different costs that are involved on a new construction that most people don’t understand. Like for instance, have you been driving down the road and you see homes starting at 500,000? Well, then you go in, and by the time it’s all said and done you’re well over 600,000. Well it’s because those signs don’t put in to account the upgrades and the lot premiums that they’re going to charge you on top of that. That’s just a base price on a base model home, so keep that in mind.

Also, when it comes to the cosmetic options, this is always the fun thing to do. You go into the design center, you pick out your flooring, you pick out your light fixtures and tile and so forth. But you need somebody there to kind of coach you along the way on what you could do through a third party at a later time, where you’ll save a lot more money by doing so. So yes, you can have an experienced real estate agent represent you when you’re buying new construction in Colorado. And I hope this video was helpful. Stay tuned for more videos that are going to cover more about new construction coming soon. If you have any questions, I would love to talk to you anytime.

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