Things to know when buying a home in Colorado Video Series

Critical buyer mistakes when buying a home in Colorado
Things to know when buying a home in Colorado
How to Repair a foundation Wall.
How to repair a foundation wall that has structural issues
Do you have foundation problems?  How do you repair a foundation on a home?
Do you have foundation issues with your home?

Are you thinking about buying a home in the Denver, Colorado area? Are you moving here from out of state and you’re looking to buy a home, let’s say in the Littleton, Colorado area? Well, if so, there are some things that you need to understand, coming here from out of state. I’m originally from Nebraska, and the soils in Nebraska are rich, great farm ground, of course. We all get a bad time about being farmers back there.

But Colorado has soil that is nothing like Nebraska or maybe some of the places that you may be from. The soils out here in Colorado are expansive. There is Clay and bentonite in the soils. If you want more information on all that, I can share that another time. Anyway, alot of homes, especially in the Littleton, Colorado area or along the Front Range, got compromised years ago because we had a bunch of rain going into the fall. What happened is it froze, and then it expanded, putting great pressure on the foundations.

Alot of homes that have what we call structural damage to the foundation out here, not all of them, but there are homes that you have to look for things.

A crack tells you that the foundation may have some possible issues, but again, it’s not the crack itself that you should be concerned about. It’s the direction of the crack. A horizontal crack, is not the crack you want to see. If you find a house with possible this type of issue and you want it looked at, my person will do it free of charge.

Anyway, that is one thing that you want to look for. If you’re in the basement of a home and you see at times the vertical cracks, these little cracks, you don’t need to be as concerned about. I mean, of course there’s things that could be, but this crack isn’t as bad. A horizontal crack, definitely needs to be checked out because of the way that it runs.

We always want to keep water away from the house. If gutters are bad, this can cause water to come down the foundation.

Anyway, that’s just some quick information about structural problems on a house. If you’re thinking of moving here, say from California, I don’t know what your soils are like, or you’re moving here from Illinois or somewhere, or Nebraska, where I’m from, you really have to look for this stuff, especially if you’re looking to buy a home in the Littleton, Colorado area or along the Front Range, because some of these homes are compromised. But again, they can be fixed, and once they’re fixed, they’re not going anywhere.

So anyway, I hope you found this information beneficial. And if you’d like more information, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Stay tuned for some more videos. And again, if you need any questions answered on how to correct foundation issues or what to look for, please hit me up. I’d be happy to talk to you.

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