6 Innovative Open House Ideas For Your Littleton Property

Hosting an open house is an essential part of helping you match up with the right buyer for the right price. But getting the attention of potential buyers is more difficult than ever. Here are 6 innovative open house ideas for your Littleton property.


Why not bring the open house directly to the people? Technology has helped make this open house idea more accessible than ever, allowing those far away an opportunity to take a peek into your open house.

Host a Facebook or Instagram live during your open house. This not only gives prospective buyers who can’t make it the opportunity to see the house, but they also can ask questions in real-time to be answered by your real estate agent.

Those who attended the open house also can view the live-stream later, giving them access to parts of your home they may not have seen or giving them the answers to their questions. Just make sure there’s someone tech-savvy enough to help post the replay video of the live event to catch those who weren’t able to make it online!


Have you ever used those apps that allow you to see how different furniture, paint colors, and decor will look in a room? Put that technology to work for you when selling your home!

Visualizing how a room will look like a nursery, office, master bedroom, or craft room can be difficult with all your furniture in it. One of the newest open house ideas is to visually stage that room with furniture and decor for some of these different purposes and flip through them for guests.

You can even offer to email or text the images to them during the open house so they can remember what the space looked like when considering properties.


Even if your neighbors aren’t actively looking, they can be some of your best open house attendees. One of the easiest open house ideas to help get more people – and allow your house to market itself – is to distribute door hangers or fliers to people in your neighborhood.

Someone who may not be looking right now may stop by and, if they like what they see, they may consider moving. Or, one of your neighbors may know someone who’s looking and can recommend your home to their friend.


Everyone loves a good prize, and giving one away at your open house does double-duty.

Advertising the raffle, such as for a gift card, Amazon Echo, or Google Home, on social media beforehand can attract more potential buyers. This gets more eyes on your house and gives you a better chance to sell it quickly.

And, as you collect entries for the raffle, you get attendees’ contact information. This allows your agent to maintain contact with them for follow-up questions or additional showings.


While skipping alcohol may seem like one of the least popular open house ideas, it does have its purpose. First, serving booze can attract people who just want the free drinks and aren’t at all interested in looking at your home. Second, providing alcohol to people you don’t know opens up a whole host of liability issues, which could prove problematic.

Instead of serving alcohol, try fresh-baked cookies or even small appetizers. Water bottles with labels with your agent’s information on it can serve as drinks and easy takeaways.


Gone are the days of giving out a business card and expecting calls back. To breakthrough, you have to give people something useful and interesting.

If you’re showing in the winter, some open house ideas for takeaways are small bottles of hand sanitizer or tissues. Branded cases of breath mints, phone pop sockets, and charging cables all are more likely to be kept than business cards, keeping contact information in front of potential buyers.

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