In a financial hardship and may lose your Littleton home to foreclosure ? You have options.

In a financial hardship and may lose your home to foreclosure? You have options.
Video Transcription

Good afternoon, Dave Novak here with RE/MAX Professionals and DND properties. I just got back from Colorado Springs checking out a home I just purchased out of foreclosure, and on the way home I got to thinking, based upon this guy’s situation he’s lucky that he got ahold of me ’cause he only had five days and so we had to close fast on his place. He’s still got a little money in his pocket and he didn’t have to go through the process of having that foreclosure follow him for years to come. The delinquency will hurt for a little while but nothing like the foreclosure. And anyway, as a lot of you know, I’m a real estate investor so I buy homes, I fix them up, I resell them. I also rent them out. I’m also a real estate agent over at RE/MAX Professionals in Highlands Ranch.

But my background for 17 years was mortgage lending and I owned a mortgage bank. So I not only originated but I underwrote these loans, and I dealt with all the banks throughout the country. And the one thing I still have is the back-end connection with these places, and I got to thinking all these people that went through the mortgage meltdown and this guy, there’s a lot of those people that just didn’t know they had options. And I just want to put it out there, you have options. The bank doesn’t want the house, but the thing you have to do is not sit there and do nothing because they will eventually take it. And if you’re behind right now or you have your notice of default, the worst thing you can do is not call somebody.

So if you’re watching this video, if you or anybody you know are having hardships on that, give me a call. I can give you your options. We can go through them. It’s all confidential. But the one thing I want you to know are there are options. Like this guy didn’t know. He just put his head in the sand for three months and luckily we connected with him, and in five days we were able to close him. And he got money in his pocket. He can start his life over. And he doesn’t have the burden of this house anymore.

So anyway, I guess I just wanted to get that out there and let everybody know if you’re in that predicament, just all you have to do is just reach out. Make that call and if you know anybody, reach out to me. My name’s Dave Novak with RE/MAX Professionals. My number’s 303-929-9660. As a lot of you know, I’ll always pick up the phone whenever. But anyway, just give me a call, or if you have anybody that does what I do, give them a call, but do not sit and wait. So anyway, hope you guys have a great weekend and don’t forget to set your clocks back.

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